We are organising the 1ST ANTARCTIC BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART. Antarctica is the last continent of freedom. Under the 1959 international treaty it belongs to no state and is intended exclusively for creativity ‘in the interests of the entire mankind’. Antarctica (from the Greek antarktikos, opposite) is pure, hard-of-access and enigmatic like art itself! this white continent is like a white sheet of paper on which artists of different lands and nationalities will try to write new rules of cooperation.

Head-over-heels Biennale "Mobilis in mobile" (Motto of Captain Nemo and his Nautilus)

The Biennale is to be held aboard research ships Akademik ioffe and Akademik sergey Vavilov of the russian Academy of sciences. These expedition ships are well-suited for sailing southern latitudes and are capable of comfortably accommodating the Biennale team.

The Biennale activities will take place during the voyage from the port of Ushuaia (Argentina) to the falkland islands, south Georgia and on through the Drake passage, when the expedition arrives to the Antarctic continent and goes ashore in the area of the Antarctic peninsula. During these landings the artists participating in the project, jointly with the support group, will make objects, installations, performances and stage actions. Their constructs are to be portable, designed to withstand weather conditions, to cause no hazard to the environment and to be dismantled by the end of the stopover. Every landing is to be documented in detail with the help of cameras and camcorders. Several laboratories, including photo, graphic and video, as well as a discussion club will function onboard during the voyage.

The expedition may have from 50 to 100 members. the artists are to account for nearly one half of the expedition, with the other half to consist of organisers, the technical support group, critics and reporters, as well as guests of honour to be represented by sponsors, museum workers and collectors.

A filming crew will shoot a documentary. After the journey several exhibitions are to be staged at Russian and European museums. In advance the ships will cruise from Kaliningrad, their port of registration, calling at a european port to take onboard elements of artistic structures and special equipment. Next the ships will head for Argentina (if wish be some participants may cross the ocean). The main group is to come to Ushuaia by plane and to board the ships there.

Biennale activities are to last from 12 to 15 days. Depending on expedition goals and weather conditions, the ports of calls are subject to change.

The Organizing Committee
of the 1st Antarctic Biennale
of contemporary art